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02 Pivot Logos

03 Deck Template

04 Graphic Element

Most-requested assets

Logo Mark

Main Logo (Symbol + wordmark)

Primary Logo

The Pivot wordmark is in Gosha Sans Medium. Inspired by vintage Eastern European / Russian currents and trends, Gosha Sans is a strong & versatile Sans with great character. Its strong lines and hard corners gives it a lot of personality without compromising legibility at small sizes.

The square graphic with light green moving represent discover the unexpected through the data at scale, We explore to every opptunity, and we identify thoes data as box...

Main Logo Clear Space

Logo Clear Space

Clear space is the area that surrounds the logo that is completely clear of any other graphical element. Clear space helps the logo stand out from the rest of the elements on the page and ensures legibility, even at small sizes. As a general rule, the more clear, or negative, space around the logo, the better. At a minimum, there should be clear space equal to the height of the Pivot icon on all four sides of the logo. Using an element from the logo as a unit of measurement ensures enough clear space at any size.

Logo Mark Clear Space